A Word on Exercise

I look like I work out. 

At least that’s what my love said last night in amazement after I took off my corset. “Your stomach looks incredible,” he added. He’s always loved my ever-increasingly curvaceous form, but this flat belly thing is an added benefit. It’s true, some ladies wear corsets after giving birth so that their tummy muscles will stitch back together nice and flat — and some women I see in the shop bemoan that they wish they had. It’s the opposite result of tight, low-rise jeans that give that pouchy muffin-top belly: the clothes you wear habitually will shape your body.

I don’t work out. 

The most exercise I get is power-walking up San Francisco hills to my car (bad city parking makes for good glutes) and maintaining balance in heels on long evenings out. My liver is probably completely comprised of fat and scar tissue because I drink far too much (according to doctors, pfffft) and seeing as The Fatted Calf Charcuterie is right around the corner from Dark Garden, my diet is rich in rich delicacies such as rillettes and truffled cheeses — between the exquisite food and the handsome yet sensitive butchers breaking down whole animals right before my eyes with artful mercilessness, the total visceral package is too much to forgo. #viscerallunch

I really should work out. 

Sure, exercise is good for the general population of humans, but even more so for waist trainers. Because a corset is a posture device, it holds you up and therefore it’s essential to get some exercise out of your corset for the preservation of your core muscle group. Jogging, swimming, and hiking are good: whole body exercises that activate all of the core muscles (and not just part of them, like sit ups). Pilates, yoga, whatever works for you! A few to several times a week is ideal.

So, maybe I’ll think twice before ordering a large Belgian fry and a beer, thinking I can just stuff it all into a corset instead of exercising. Remember, it’s not about getting skinny, it’s all about the curve, but we don’t want to get weak and floppy like a wet noodle in the process, do we? That’s no way to kick ass.

LOVE, Euphrates X


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