The World of Corsetry

Edwardian Ball 2013
Curves like peaceful topography, strong and deliciously beautiful fabrics, whipping bright ribbon for miles, and neatly lined up grommets when the chaos has been organized — corsets have excited women and men from deep within for centuries with their mysterious contradictions and sensual inconveniences. Getting in and out of clothes is sometimes a group activity: dressing maids, corsetted friends, lovers nearly scratching at the rows of lacing in shaky anticipation. Whether it be for the fashion orgy, the comforting feeling of being hugged and held by the garment, sculpture of the body’s shape, or support of the back, however you arrived at corsetry: welcome to a world of luxury and elegance. If you’ve recently taken your first sip, be warned. It’s an intoxicating drink.


One thought on “The World of Corsetry”

  1. Euphrates. Barbara and I which to thank you once again for your expert help in fitting our corsets
    The other day also your prompt response to our request for information. We are already enjoying our corsets. You and dark garden have gained 2 loyal
    Ps. Your outfit and corset was amazingly
    Put together. Great job

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