Driving in a Corset: advice and caution

A frequently asked question is how one can increase comfort when driving corsetted. Hilarious to think that the low dipping bucket seats of say your station wagon was not a problem shared by folk from the Victorian days of yore! Car seats have been designed with relaxed posture in mind whereas corsets provide rigid perfection in this department. Whereas one would think the two would be incompatible, there are certain things you can do to minimize discomfort for happy motoring!

Don’t cinch up to maximum preferred tightness! Go easy on yourself if you’re about to hop in the car; you can adjust your lacing when you get to your destination. If you have a red-carpet situation and/or it’s a short ride, you’ll probably survive but if you can help it, it makes a world of difference.

Click it or ticket!
Click it or ticket!

Adjust your seat back to the upright position. Sit as upright as you can so your body doesn’t fight the corset in its mission and purpose for posture. If you slouch into the corset, your ribs will press against the steel bones. In the beginning I would get subtle rib bruising from this. Ouch! Additionally, you could try sitting on a pillow or putting one behind your back if the seat adjustments don’t allow for satisfactory comfort.

If it’s appropriate for your corset size and lifestyle, you could try a corset with spiral steel boning. I previously wrote about the difference between flat and spiral steels, truth being that they are not for everybody. However, if you decide that they might be for you, they could make your commutes more comfy.

Because I’m on the slender side, the aspect of driving that is uncomfortable for me is the bones pressing against my ribs. Something that could help is a style of corset where the boning misses the ribs. Dark Garden has a custom style that does this with pockets and decorative lacing, called the Madame.

Other than that, my best advice is to keep calm and carry on! Don’t forget the A/C!

And please, please don’t motor in the driver’s seat if you are uncomfortable, distracted, or have greatly restricted movement. The effects could disastrous or even deadly. Safety first! Fashion is a close second… but you can always lace in when you arrive.


Euphrates X


3 thoughts on “Driving in a Corset: advice and caution”

  1. Good advice! I regularly drive whilst corseted (I wear a corset almost full time) and don’t have too many problems. Take extra care when turning or pulling out from junctions as restricted mobility means you can’t twist to look right left or behind; use your mirrors!

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