Vlog: How to Put New Laces in Corset

By popular demand! Thorough video instruction on how to replace the lacing of your corset with new lacing, change out the color of your corset laces color, or simply change how your corset is laced so that the ties are in the middle of the back. Enjoy!

0:00 – 0:14 Introduction
0:15 – 0:27 Why one might re-lace a corset
0:28 – 0:42 Supplies needed
0:43 – 1:10 Calculating ribbon length needed to lace your corset
1:11 – 2:08 Measuring and cutting your ribbon
2:09 – 3:27 Marking grommets at the waist tape (where the finger pulls will be)
3:28 – 6:20 Lacing technique for top half of corset
6:21 – 8:05 Creating the middle finger pulls
8:06 – 10:35 Lacing Technique for bottom half of corset
10:36 – 12:00 Tying off
12:01 – 12:32 Evening up and outro

Now that your corset is all laced up, get in and out with my previous vlog.


Photo by Edward Saenz

Euphrates X

Tightlacing Liaison | Expert Fitter

Dark Garden Unique Corsetry


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