Pleasant Surprise in Production

I wasn’t having the best of days. I won’t bore you with the sordid details, but I had received some bad financial news that had me in the dumps.

(Ok, some details for the morbidly curious: Who knew that blood tests for vitamin levels could rack up to 15 hundo? I’ve never had the best of health, but they should put that stuff on a menu… I may have made different decisions had I known the catastrophic effect on my wallet.)

Anyway, I had stopped by Dark Garden on its closed for business day to take some pictures for my side business — EuPASTIES: Euphrates makes pasties! (They’re totally fabulous. You should definitely get some.)

I heard the whirring of a singular sewing machine in the back and my name squeaked as gently as a kitten:

Euphrates? I’m working on something I think you’d like to see…

To my delight and surprise, I discovered that the Dark Garden leather stitcher was hard at work crafting my snake skin printed cow hide corselette!

New corset new corset new corset new corset!
New corset new corset new corset new corset!

She commented that the black leather piping was a nice touch. Fuck yeah, it is!

I’ve seen a lot of corsets, and I wanted one that was really …me — well, the part of me that’s really Laura Dern in Wild at Heart. I had this leather ordered specially from the Hide House and I am so pleased! I can’t wait to slither into it.

Just had to share!



Photo by Edward Saenz



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