Historic Photographs and Illustrations of Corseted Women

The NY Public Library just released thousands (187,000 to be more precise) of public domain photographs, ranging from the 11th to the 21st century. Not only that, they’ve created an amazing visualization tool which allows users to browse the photographs, prints, maps, and more with ease. Check it out!

I did a bit of scouring and found some images of interest to corset enthusiasts. This small collection of photos, illustrations, paintings, and other materials represent an interesting range of nationalities and varying social classes. I hope you enjoy these corseted ladies from history.

Dinner Menu from the Oceanic 1884.jpg
This is, purportedly, a dinner menu from “The Oceanic”  1884
Toilettes de Mme. Breant-Castel Fashion plate 1870
“Toilettes de Mme. Breant-Castel” Fashion Plate 1870
Woman in hat decorated with flowers, and striped blouse Date UN
“Woman in a Hat Decorated with Flowers” Date Unknown

Prinzesskleid aus Seidenreps Periodical 1878.jpg

Queen Elizabeth 1840.jpg
Queen Elizabeth 1840
In the omnibus. Drypoint 1891 Mary Cassatt.jpg
“In the Omnibus” Illustration by Mary Cassatt 1891 
Studio portrait of woman wearing hat and gloves and dress with bustle 1875.jpg
“Studio Portrait of Woman Wearing Hat and Gloves and Dress with Bustle” 1875

Ein peinliches Missverständnis Charicature 1886

Königl. Grossh. Luxemb. Jäger Corps Watercolor 1870 .jpg

I wants to be a leading lady Sheet Music 1901.jpg
Sheet Music 1901
Habit of a woman of Frascati in 1768 Greuze, Jean-Baptiste
“Habit of a woman of Frascati in 1768” Illustration by Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Habit of a Spanish lady of quality in 1700
“Habit of a Spanish Lady of Quality in 1700” Illustration by Jean-Baptiste Greuze


Photo by John Carey Photographic Imagery, corset by Dark Garden, neck adornment by Chain Maille Mike


Euphrates X



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