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Corsets vs. the TSA

It’s an oft brought up topic in the forums:

Can I waist train while going through airport security?!?

Such inquiries are often blown off with responses such as:

It won’t kill you to take it off for a few minutes!

But for some people, it really is practically life or death — see my previous post on a woman who’s degenerative ligament deterioration makes it such that her corset is her exoskeleton. And, my! With what vivacious ferocity does she battle the world, enabled by her brace and unquenchable spirit!

Other responses I have seen are along the lines of:

My dear! I nearly forgot, so I tucked into the ladies powder room just before the security line and slipped off my naughty erotic bits and no one was the wiser!

Ok, so, I have an answer as to what happens to you when you go through security wearing a corset.

Firstly, let me say that for once I wasn’t attempting to cause trouble or make a scene. I was fat, sassy, and still a little buzzed from my vacation in New Orleans and simply forgot that I was wearing a cincher under my swampy clothes. I was carrying a parasol, wearing a big, floppy hat I’d seen the local teenage hookers wearing and simply had to have — I had enough wardrobe going on to worry about.

I walk up to the body scanner, put my arms above my head, try my best to be serious and not to strike a butt-flattering pose, and exit the booth. Granted, in the Big Easy, folk are a lot more easy going and accommodating, so when I blurted out:

Can I see my picture?!?!

They said sure, it’s right up there on the screen behind you. My expectations were frustrated.

Where as I might expected something a little more graphic and titillating, such as this:


And hopefully, with the corset, some sort of sexy action like this:


The image that appeared on the screen looked approximately like this:


The yellow square shows where metal might be on my body. The TSA agents laughed jovially at my disappointment, explaining that people complained about the graphic images, now that’s what it’s like. Hmmf. I explained that I wear a back brace, and the woman couldn’t care less. She wiped down my hands for explosive evidence and when I checked out, I was on my way.

There you have it. It may have been that NOLA has a prescription for relaxation, but it was not anything to worry about. Tightlacers and waist trainers every wear can relax: people wear back braces all the time and it’s really no big deal.

I did take it off on board though. I wanted to drink two tiny bottles of wine, watch the in-flight movie, and snooze in my partner’s lap in noodley comfort…


Photo by Edward Saenz, cincher by Dark Garden, modeled by Euphrates X

Euphrates X

Tightlacing Liaison | Expert Fitter

Dark Garden Unique Corsetry


Dark Garden Corsetry Hosts Dita Von Teese Live

The Burlesque Queen Celebrates Her New Line of Lingerie and Perfumes at San Francisco’s Hidden Gem

Dita wearing Dark Garden.
Dita wearing Dark Garden

On Sunday, January 5, between the hours of 2 and 4pm, Dita Von Teese will be appearing at San Francisco’s best kept secret: Dark Garden Unique Corsetry and Bridal Couture, located at 321 Linden St. in Hayes Valley. This date marks the availability of Von Teese’s Von Follies lingerie at Dark Garden, which was voted “Best Lingerie” local retail location by SF Weekly in 2013. In addition to Von Teese’s line of lingerie, Dark Garden will also be featuring Von Teese’s perfume, including the treasured and rare Erotique fragrance. To celebrate the arrival of Dita Von Teese’s lingerie, Dark Garden will be revealing a new mini-collection of corsets to compliment the line.

What’s really titillating about this intimate venue appearance is that there will be fan interaction and a giveaway for participants. With purchase of Von Follies lingerie or the star’s perfume, lucky attendees will have the opportunity to be photographed with Von Teese and receive the gift of an autographed portrait of the burlesque goddess modeling her new line.

Dita Von Teese, who is inspired by Golden Age cinema, classic pin-up imagery, and vintage aesthetics, is credited with bringing the art forms of strip tease and burlesque back en mode with an air of elegance and sophistication. She is an internationally recognized style icon, world class performer, and a powerhouse in the business of beauty.

Dita Von Teese in corset, garters, and lingerie by Dark Garden
Dita Von Teese in corset, garters, and lingerie by Dark Garden

Von Teese is no stranger to Dark Garden Unique Corsetry – she’s on the star studded list of celebrity clients who have custom garments made from scratch by artisan makers on-site. Von Teese has worn Dark Garden on the cover of Playboy magazine, as a Virgin Atlantic pin-up, and for countless burlesque performances. Says Autumn Adamme, Dark Garden’s proprietress and Master Fitter:

“I’m incredibly excited to be able to offer Dita’s lingerie to our clients. Her sense of style is a beautiful combination of sexy and classy, sensual and fun. She’s really brought all of these things into the line, which I am certain will be appreciated by both wearer and viewer alike.”

Dark Garden makes all their corsets and other in-store items on-site in their brick and mortar shop at 321 Linden St. From the looks of the humble little alleyway in the otherwise very posh Hayes Valley, one would never know just how special a shop lies therein. Masters of their craft, they’ve been in the business of corseting curves for 24 years. With an extensive ready-to-wear line to boot, featuring corset styles and sizes to flatter every form, even those of us who aren’t celebrity pin up models can feel and look like it at Dark Garden.

Photo by Edward Saenz, hat and custom outfit by Dollymop Designs for Dark Garden
Photo by Edward Saenz, hat and custom ensemble by Dollymop for Dark Garden

Euphrates X

Tightlacing Liaison | Expert Fitter

Dark Garden Unique Corsetry